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Note: You must complete the 8-hour state course requirement to obtain your Minnesota closers license. Principles of Closing is available online through

Closing Academy Closers Boot Camp 6 hour Document Presentation live workshop. Completion Certifications at class end!

Online Mini Modules available now! 

How to become a successful Signing Agent/Closer in Minnesota and other states.

How to connect with companies that will pay you hundreds of dollars to notarize real estate loan documents for their clients.

How to navigate the waters in this industry.

Learn the ins and outs of presenting documents to customers.

What are the documents? What you should and should not say.

What questions can I answer for the client?

What happens if I get in over my head?

Walk through a real closing package with live detailed Closing documents

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If you have questions about notary laws and licensing, let our experts help. If you want to hire signing agents, we can prepare them for any assignment. If you want to start a Title Company, we have you covered! Every training need within the title industry can find a seat at our table.

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Notary to Notable - Own your own time. Write your own check.

Notaries are public servants. Signing Agents move from serving for 5.00 to selling their services for as much as 2000.00 per day. You set your own schedule.

Submit your email request for a detailed power point on requirements for Signing Agents and Closers.

Minnesota has a unique requirement.

Licensed notaries who would like to assist their customer base by acknowledging real estate related documents must become licensed Closers in Minnesota. (The state of Minnesota mandates that an 8 hour minimum be devoted to a certified closing licensing program. They must become familiar with Minnesota Statutes and laws regarding land records, documents and realtor rules and regulations). Our affiliate Jeanne Johnson at offers the course and exam online for your convenience.