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Minnesota Closing Academy


Be the Best and Grow Your Closing Agent Career

This course includes a 90-minute livestream session with your Instructor.

Brenda Colston
Cost: $400.00
Building Your Closer/Signing Agent Business

Learn the ins-and-outs of the closing and loan signing business as an independent contractor. This class teaches practical hands-on knowledge: how to obtain business; how to increase your business; setting up appointments; keeping required records; what to look out for and dealing with problems. An invaluable tool to start and grow your business.
Description: This class will help you be successful in your new career by covering the important how-tos:

How do I get started in the Closing Agent Business?
What are required steps under the law?
What are my costs in starting the business?
What equipment do I need to be successful?
How do I get closing assignments from Vendors?
What are the tools to get signing business?
How much money can I make?
What is the protocol for handling an assignment?
How do I explain the documents to the borrowers?
How do I package the transaction for the client?
What are the problems and pitfalls to look out for?
What does it mean to be an Independent Contractor?
What records will I need to keep for my business?